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The Hardwick Project

From start to finish, this project was a joy to be a part of. With most of their children having flown the nest, the Hardwick family were looking for new inspiration for their old playroom.

First came the delightful Initial Design Consultation (IDC), where Helena visited the site and the family could discuss their likes and dislikes about the current space, including what they’d like for the room to bring to their everyday lives. The room was a lovely large space, complete with a beautiful garden view and large windows for natural light.

The IDC brought out inspiration as we discussed a neutral colour palette with subtle coastal elements, and a more functional, cosy snug than a formal living room. This also allowed us to play around with some different sofa options.

At Hubbard Interiors, we LOVE to go above and beyond for our clients, Helena thought it would be useful to provide the family with three different sofa styles, to help envision the new room and to see the impact a sofa can have on the final look. After some back and forth, a corner sofa was decided on! The family already had a corner sofa, but one of our suggestions was to place a new corner sofa actually in the corner of the room, this would help to open it out and feel more inviting to family members and guests. As a large, sociable household, keeping a large corner sofa would be very beneficial for seating options.

The true task with this project was finding the right cushions for the sofa. We have a rule of 3 for every corner of a sofa at Hubbard Interiors, so this project ideally would have 9 cushions, which luckily for us, the budget accounted for!

Keeping to a neutral palette with a touch of blue for the coastal element, the Hardwicks’ agreed on a set of 3, which were to be replicated in each corner of the sofa. These cushions turned out just beautifully!

Before long, it was time for the finishing touches (our favourite part!). Helena set out to find the perfect items for the space. With Hubbard Interiors having just been named a brand ambassador for the Norfolk Bay Co., this was the perfect opportunity to bring some items to site and see how they could work in the space. Miscellaneous items might seem like a thing to forget about, but when it comes to design, we think it is one of the most important stages when bringing a project to completion.

Before our eyes, the project had come to an end. We had so much fun bringing this well-loved family room back to life and have been told the room has now become the hub of the house, where family members sit and relax together and cosy-up on the soft, deep sofa, once again giving the room new life and purpose, a place for all to be welcomed and enjoy!

Is there a room in your home that is getting on your nerves? Do you just wish someone would take care of it all for you and you can sit back and relax? That’s what we’re here for!

Get in touch with us right now and book your Initial Design Consultation today, grab a cuppa and let’s have a chat.

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