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Our Summer Favourites

Who is ready for Summer 2022? We certainly are!

It's soon to be that time of year again, where we can sit outside with drinks in hand and enjoy the summer sun.

In anticipation and celebration of that time to come, we thought we'd share some of our summer favourites when it comes to enjoying your home and everything in it. We hope you feel inspired to get in the mood for summer!

  1. Cox & Cox

Malmo Lounge Chair & Foot Stool

This lovely outdoor set is perfect for an afternoon on the lawn or by the pool. Made from beautiful acacia wood, this timeless piece would be a great addition to either your interior or exterior decor.

Greywashed Shells

These cute and simple little shells would make a great addition to a coastal themed home. You can add a touch of the beach to remember those sunny days anywhere in the home. They could be placed on a shelving unit, tv stand, or a bedside table.

And even better...they're currently on offer over at Cox & Cox's website!

2. The Cotswold Company

Stroud - 5 Piece High Bar Set - Natural

Do you love sitting out in the sun, at a pub with friends with a cold drink?

What about mixing things up this summer? Instead of getting yourself the usual garden table and chairs, you go with this lovely set of high bar stools and table to bring that feeling into your very own home. I really love this set for two reasons: its a bit different and the light wood helps it fit seamlessly into neutral and light interiors or exteriors.

Drinks Dispenser

Now there are many reasons to love The Cotswold Company, but one summery one is because of this lovely little drinks dispenser. Perfect for those hot afternoons in the garden when all you crave is an ice cold lemonade!

3. Dunelm

Kilner Drinks Dispenser

Another similar item I can suggest is Dunelm's vintage drinks dispenser. Just as lovely but half the price! The writing on the side, as well as it being a vintage product, helps to add that perception of value, without adding to the price-tag.

Natural Cotton Check Throw

Another great item from Dunelm is their natural throw! Its colour helps to blend well with a neutral home and the other items on this list. With its high reviews and affordable price tag, it would make a lovely addition to your garden set for those chiller evenings or simply to throw onto your sofa in the living room for decoration.

4. The British Blanket Company

Natural Oat Beehive Armchair Throw

Wanting something a bit cosier? How about this gorgeous blanket in 'Natural Oat' from the British Blanket Company? This thicker option would be perfect for snuggling up by the fire or as a decoration to add to your bedding.

5. Neptune

Wycombe High Back Bench

Neptune's Wycombe collection has to be my most favourite collection yet! Its simple, neutral and loaded with style. So if you need a bench to place those throws over, this would be my summer recommendation. Pair it with a vintage elm dining table and you're all set for those intimate evening dinners with friends.

6. Norfolk Bay Company

Large natural wooden bedside table

And last but by absolutely no means least, a new company we have discovered and one we have already fallen for is the Norfolk Bay Company. Just how perfect are these bedside tables?

If you know our style, you'll know we are suckers for white-washed reclaimed wood. These tables would be beautiful, timeless pieces against a white fabric head board or even beside a living room sofa. As the image shows, we would recommend pairing it with darker objects, such a botanicals, books or lamps to get that full contrasting effect.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through this blog to get you in that summery feeling! if you're feeling inspired, don't forget you can easily get in touch with our friendly team today and we can have a design up and running for you in no time at all.

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