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5 Beautiful Finishing Touches

1) Books

Books can be a wonderful homey addition to any space! If you have a coffee table that's looking a bit empty, why not add a wicker or seagrass tray with some foliage, candles and books to create a more welcoming space.

You could even find books with specific topics to match the purpose of the room, for example your kitchen could have recipe books, your living room could have interior design related books and your bedroom could have sleep remedy books or short stories.

When it comes to finding the right look, see what you've already created within the room, what colours are standing out to you? Do you have a feature? Why not choose to look for books with a flicker of that colour too!

But when in doubt, go with something warm and neutral, preferably linen covers in cream or brown shades. These neutral covers make an easy add-in to any space.

When it comes to size, if your surface is big enough for two or three, make sure you get one thats smaller than the next, that way when you place them on top of each other, it gives you a nice layered effect.

2) Cushions

Cushions have got to be my personal favourite into making a house a home. A boring, everyday grey sofa can be brought to life with a cluster of cushions as the final touch.

At Hubbard Interiors, our rule is: for every corner, comes 3 cushions!

So unless its under 180cm wide, we recommend every corner should have 3 cushions to make it feel welcoming and cosy. A straight sofa would have 3 at either end, and a regular corner sofa would have 3 sets of 3 (this does not include chaise sofas and double corner sofas).

Choosing the right cushions to match can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a few tries to mix and match what you have. I've generally found that a larger, bolder patterned cushion (60cmx60cm) can be placed at the back of the cluster, the second cushion (50cmx50cm) can be more neutral and plain, and the front cushion could be a small lumbar cushion with another, alternative pattern or shape, providing some contrast to the cluster.

We will be releasing another insightful blog in the near future about which particular cushions can make the best pairing, so keep and eye out!

photo credit: Studio McGee

3) Rugs

I've often been surprised at how many clients have never considered a rug within their home. Rugs can be a great addition to a space, and help provide some texture and colour, whilst also helping to refocus an area, especially in a large room.

Runners - runners make fantastic final touches for spaces with narrow walkways. I feel they can be best placed in your entrance way, a small bathroom or in your kitchen between your countertops. Just be aware of each material's durability, as these areas can have high levels of footfall, meaning the colour or material is more likely to wear away over a short amount of time.

Jute and natural rugs - these rugs are lovely when placed against a neutral coloured room, especially against wood floors. Like most rugs, these can be placed under your coffee table or dining table for a timeless effect. The Jute materials is sustainable and often quite durable, some can also be surprisingly soft. Although they do need to be hand washed to preserve the fibres.

Size and shape - when it comes to the size of your rug, consider the size of the space you are wanting to place it in, what effect do you want it to have?

Sometimes smaller rugs can be best placed where you would never even consider placing a rug, like a bathroom. But generally, bigger is better. For example, if you were placing a rug in your living room, don't just get a rug that fits under your coffee table, see if you can get one within your budget that stretches past your sofas too. Not only will this become more of a feature, but it will help refocus that space.

photo credit: Jean Stoffer

4) Vases

Vases are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and we can see why!

Perfect as a finishing touch in any room, vases are best placed on large counters with a lot of space, for example as a centrepiece on your kitchen island or dining table. They also work well on wide bedside tables or even sometimes on top of stools next to your bath to help provide some greenery to an often white and open space.

We have found the best vases that are easy to place as a finishing touch are often black, white, grey or brown. Just beware of the black and white colours, as any small scratches can become very visible over time.


Maybe check out your local charity shop to see if they have any vases of the right size and shape; they are often much cheaper than other shops and all they need is a new lick of paint!

photo credit: Pure Salt Interiors

5) Smaller Misc Items

You may think 'how much impact can those little bits have on my home?', we're here to tell you they make all the difference!!

They can be the best and most important finishing touches, some that really can be added anywhere in the home and help create that warm welcome and homey touch.

Some of my personal favourites are:

1) Wooden or ceramic chains (as shown in photo)

2) Photo frames

3) Diffusers

4) Soy wax candles

5) Small clay or glass jars

6) Candle sticks

We hope this blog has given you some insight into creating a warm and welcoming home with just a few finishing touches! Never underestimate the effect they can have. Happy styling!

Hubbard Interiors x

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