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How to create a welcoming space

Are you someone who loves to host? Do you want to help your guests settle in and feel most welcome when they visit?

You're in luck! Safe to say a relaxed guest is one who isn't worrying about where to go or how they might need to behave in your home. Follow these simple steps to help them settle in with ease!

Entrance area

First things first, your entrance! This is the very first place your guests will see as they enter your home, their first impression if you will.

Not only is it important to keep this space clean and clear, but also providing convenient places for guests to put their coats and shoes (if you want them off that is!). Providing a clear place to put things allows guests to know it from the start, and not have to worry or ask if they need to take their shoes off or where to put their coat.

Sometimes, particularly if you're British, we can feel awkward and uncomfortable asking things of our hosts, especially when they are clearly busy with other things or are not nearby. The last thing we want to do is carry our big coat around the house or walk in from the rain with our shoes only to find a cream carpet waiting for us in the other room.

As the host, maybe you could place a basket under your console table to place shoes, or a shoe rack perhaps. You could get a coat rack to place somewhere close by, or even better, a gorgeous built in storage space for shoes and coats! Both will bring a sense of function and beauty to your home, as well as making your guests feel welcomed as soon as they walk through the door.

Just look how wonderful this built in is ...

Living Room Flow and Accessories

Next up is the living room! Creating a good flow is really important when it comes to helping your guests feel welcomed and relaxed when guiding them into your space.

Whatever the occasion or amount of people you are expecting, make sure there are enough seats available. If you are hosting a movie night or an evening of sport on the TV, angle your furniture appropriately where all guests can see so they do not have to move it themselves later on. Or, if it is a social get together, perhaps move your furniture inwards so everyone can see everyone else. For a more pleasing view, you could move them so that they create a square or circle symmetrical with the rest of the room, just make sure there is a gap to get out of the room when needed!

Another small but effective things to have around are coasters! Whether you are particular about your furniture and want to protect it from cup rings or not, your guests might wonder and panic about where to appropriately place their drinks. Put their minds at ease by placing coasters around the place, giving them a clear indication of where to place their cups and avoid staining your lovely furniture.

General Cleanliness and amenities

One that may go without saying but important none the less! I'm sure close friends won't mind if you home is messy or not, but perhaps for newcomers or even business associates, its always great to make a smooth, tidy first-impression if you have the extra time!

If you do have a spare moment, it's not like you have to clear up the whole house (unless you're like me and you can't get anything done unless the entire house is clean!), but maybe focus on the clean up of the rooms you know those people will be going into. Make sure there aren't any used mugs or leftover plates from the night before left around, maybe fluff up a pillow or two and light a candle; things like this will go a long way into making your guests feel more at home.

If you're inviting someone over for tea, it might be nice to have a tea pot ready in the space you're going to be in, so you don't have to spend any time faffing around in the kitchen when they arrive and you can spend more time chatting!

Also must be said, make sure your toilet has enough toilet roll and air freshener!

I hope these little tips have been helpful into reimagining your space from another perspective, on how you can make your guests feel more comfortable in your lovely home.

Helena x

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