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The Cyprus Project

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Wow, what a project this was indeed!

Back in September, Steve and Rachel got in touch with us to reimagine their holiday home in Kapparis, Cyprus. After 10 years of having a wonderful family holiday home and currently renting it out all year around, they knew it was time for a shake-up!

Helena met with the couple during the initial consultation phase to discuss colour scheme, style, function and a timeline. The flat had to remain functional for a family of 4, taking into account the usual holiday-messes of sand and suncream! The couple had seen some of Helena's previous design ideas and wanted them for their own space: a cosy coastal theme with neutral tones throughout.

With a deadline for March 2022, Helena quickly got to work, creating 3 different options using a 3D design software; this way Steve and Rachel could really visualise their space and understand Helena's ideas. Their bespoke design board was built around their brief, including a colour scheme, chosen design, a shopping list to see and approve where furniture and misc items could be bought from as well as some real images to help bring the 3D design to life and get excited about their new flat!

Once all the planning was in place, Steve and Rachel, along with Helena herself, travelled to the east coast of Cyprus to begin a crazy 5 days of redecorating!

Our first day was a Saturday, a day involving a trip to the lovely Capital, Nicosia; Sunday the shops were shut so it became a little day at the beach; Monday was a bank holiday, so it was a day spent for Helena to continue researching some more places to visit the following and final two days! Tuesday was a busy day indeed - a trip to the hustle and bustle of Limassol in our Ford Fiesta, a car we somehow managed to fit a coffee table, one large landscape artwork and a tv stand in by the end of the day!

Wednesday was reserved for the finishing touches, cushions fluffed, misc items reshuffled, surfaced cleaned and sofas built before our flight home with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the week's achievements!

This project was a great experience when learning about conducting a project abroad: the different languages, currency, culture, variety of shops, including what times and days said shops are open! We had to navigate through a series of closing times, stock supplies and one bank holiday, but on the final day, it all came together!

We travelled to IKEA on Saturday to get some small bits for the shelves, as well as a coffee table and sofa. Originally the couple had settled on a beige sofa due to the worry of suncream destroying any white fabric. However, Helena found a beautiful white cream sofa with removable covers, perfect for blending into the other neutrals of the room and any suncream can be washed off when needed by removing the covers!

Safe to say it was the better choice which also worked really nicely with the cushions chosen from Etsy!

The sofa was actually out of stock! Luckily IKEA said we could take their show fabric and it would arrive on Wednesday (the day we leave). So bags packed and the rest of the room set up, at 1pm the sofa arrived, giving us about 3 hours to build it and set it all up before catching our flight home!

A hassle worth going through! The room looked amazing by the end of the week and a project both parties were extremely happy with. Steve and Rachel hope to visit again soon to enjoy the room as it was designed.

Have you got a project in mind? Get in touch with us today and visit our 'Contact Us' page!

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